Imagine kids who...
    help around the house!
    get themselves ready on time!
    never forget stuff for school!
Get your kids organized with ease! fun charts for busy kids! 
(Currently under Beta and free!)
"My daughter loves her reward chart! So easy to see, it's tactile... she's done well with her chores."

Mary-Anne, California, USA

"Teddy loves putting his stickers on his reward chart every week! His little brother now wants one of his own."

Stephanie J, California, USA

"The routine charts have turned our mornings around from constant reminding and frustration (then guilt at dropoff!) to happier, calmer starts to our day."

Pip, Melbourne, Australia

what parents are saying..

"The Rewards Chart is perfect! Exactly what I needed!"
Stephanie H, California, USA
“My son now checks his calendar and packs his school bag the night before. No more constant reminders or running gear into school!”
Fiona, Illinois, USA
“We used your routine app for a long time and the boys LOVED it! They then become accustomed to just doing the job - thankyou!”
Leslie, California, USA
“Great! Exactly what I needed – thank you!”
Kristi, Indiana, USA

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