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These fun, engaging and fully customisable routine charts have been developed for very young children, children who have difficulty staying focused or simply have executive functioning challenges. 

Containing over 40 colourful reusable stickers to enable you to fully customise with ease.

No more constant reminders, frustration and then guilt after dropping your child at school! Your child will instead smile as he/she reaches for the chart that provides the guidance they need!

Simply place the fun removable stickers for each task on the chart in the order you prefer, add timing if you like and have your child tick off as they go. Wipe the ticks off to start the new day - its as easy as that!

Bundle includes the following:
* 3 laminated charts in blue, green and white (size 11.25" x 4.75")
* 40+ reusable stickers
* 6 wall safe removable mounting pads
* dry erase marker

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Routine Charts

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