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These fun, engaging and fully customizable rewards charts have been developed to motivate kids to help around the house in an easy to use and easy to update way!

Containing 200+ colorful reusable dry/rase stickers to enable you to fully customize with ease.

No more time spent each week writing up the weeks chores or trying to work out which chores are age appropriate! 

Simply assign the fun removable chore stickers to the day of choice and have your child tick off as they go. 

Use the optional visual reward "thermometer" to show how close they are are to their reward to keep them motivated! Wipe the ticks off to start the new week - its as easy as that!

Bundle includes the following:
* 2 laminated charts in either blue, green or white (size 11.5" x 9")
* 200+ reusable stickers
* 4 wall safe removable mounting pads
* 1 dry erase marker

Purchase an extra chart for only $5 if you have more than 2 kids! One sticker booklet is usually enough for the whole family.

Chores include the following in fun colorful designs:
* Make Bed
* Dress Self 
* Toys Away
* Feed Pet
* Set Table
* Walk Dog
* Tidy Room
* Water Plants
* Clean Car
* Laundry Away
* Fold Laundry
* Sweep Floor
* Vaccum Floor
* Walk Dog
* Take Trash Out
* Sweep Leaves
* Wash Windows

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Rewards Charts

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