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Designed By A Busy Mum For Busy Families!

All your kids fun charts in one place!




OrganizedKidz founder Georgie Moorfield is a mum whose two sons were diagnosed with ADHD which made everyday routines and general organisation stressful. Through consultations with psychologists and other child behaviour experts, she realised the importance of engaging visual routines, schedules and calendars to help with delayed development of executive functioning & organisation.

As a professional project & business manager managing large projects for investment banks, Georgie relied on all the organisational tools available to her to ensure on time and on budget delivery. So she wondered why not create similar age appropriate tools to teach kids independence but in a fun and engaging way? Tools that will give them the skills now that will carry them successfully through life.


Making visual schedules simple, powerful and fun, families have less daily struggles and more time for fun together. OrganizedKidz was founded to realise this vision and aims to be a central resource for all kids with executive functioning challenges whether they are simply young or just 'forgetful' kids!



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